Instant Play Blackjack

Play blackjack online using the Buzz Luck Casino instant play blackjack game.  You will be given a $1000 practise bankroll to play blackjack.  You can play right here on this website or you can play at the Buzz Luck Casino website.

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Blackjack Rules

The rules for this blackjack game are;
Blackjack pay 3:2
Insurance pays 2:1
The dealer must hit a soft 17.
You can double on any two cards.
You can split up to three hands.
Only one card is dealt after splitting Aces.

Instant Play Blackjack Casinos

There is many great instant play casinos that offer blackjack. The Betfred Casino and the Bovada Casino are just some of the top casinos offering instant play blackjack.
    Different casinos have different blackjack bonuses. Some have special bonuses for blackjack games and some casinos let you use the regular bonus, but with a high play rate. Most online casinos do not even let you play blackjack with a welcome bonus, but we have found the best Internet casinos that do.
    Listed below you will find the top instant play blackjack casinos, the betting limits, the maximum blackjack bonus along with a link to a casino review.

Blackjack Casinos

Betting Limits

Blackjack Bonus


Bovada Casino

$1 - $500



Betfred Casino Non USA only

$1 - $100